Fall Apple Picking at Chile’s Orchard

During the craziness that is fall wedding season, it can be pretty difficult to take a step back and relax. A few weeks ago, Josh and I managed to acquire some free time and spent it with some of our awesome friends Michael & Carina (also talented photographers!) and Isabel, who was visiting from Germany.

Over the summer months, we had ventured over to Chile’s Orchard several times for their incredibly delicious peach milkshakes. Neither of us had ever experienced the fun that is apple picking, so we decided to finally make it happen! We arrived at Chile’s with our cameras in hand and wandered the seemingly endless rows of apple trees. A warm fall day spent searching for the sweetest picks and snapping some instant film is a fun day in our books.


Above: Portra 400 Film on Contax 645  /  Below: Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Apple Picking on Instax Mini 90 Camera

We hope you all enjoy a fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday with your dearest family and/or friends!