Josh & Serena | An Introduction

We are Josh & Serena – a filmmaker and photographer who fell in love.

After first meeting through mutual friends at a wedding photography conference in Nevada, many months went by before realizing that we had the same passions in life.

Josh & Serena at Red Rock Canyon in NevadaPhoto above by our friend Ashley at Red Rock Canyon (recovered from the day we first met and became friends in 2013!)

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I lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia and Serena in Baltimore, Maryland. Serena relocated herself and her business to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2014 and, after countless Skype calls and drives to one another, I moved to Charlottesville in the spring of 2015. We are now both pleased to call this charming and fun-loving city our home.

We began to work together in our own separate businesses. Serena would assist me as a cinematographer and I would assist her as a photographer. It was simply amazing to create art together, but we wanted to go further. With our own distinct passions (me the cinematographer and Serena the photographer), we wanted to take the best of two businesses and create an experience that completely covers a couple’s wedding imagery needs. It also means that Serena and I get to spend more of our weekends together… which is truly awesome.

2015-11-20_0001Photos by our friend Laura, on our camera, in Rome, Italy (one of our summer 2015 travels!)

In our spare time, we are passionate about traveling. Over the past year and a half, we’ve set foot in Germany, Italy, Austria, California, Maine, The Carolinas, and many more. When we aren’t exploring the great outdoors or brainstorming ideas for our businesses, we enjoy playing video games together on our XBox Ones. In fact, one of our very first conversations (which led to our friendship) involved a favorite of ours – Fallout.

Charleston, South Carolina – one of our first travel adventures together!

With photo & cinema being big parts of our lives, it also dips quite a bit into our spare time through what we call personal work. For us, it’s the essential creative fuel we need to keep moving. Whether it’s a conceptual shoot, fun images and video of a trip we took, or a lifelong project – we are excited to have a dedicated online place to share these with you. Together, we are honored to travel the world telling stories and hope you are as excited as we are for what’s to come!